Our Beloved Kin: Remapping A New History of King Philip's War

Sowams and Parts Adjacent Deed



The Grand Deed of Saile of Lands from Osamequin and Wamsetto his son dated 29: March 1653
To all People to whom these presents shall come, Osamequin and Wamsetto his eldest son Sendeth greeting
Know Yee that we the said Osamequin & Wamsetto for and in consideration of thirty five pounds Sterling to us the said Osamequin and Wamsetto in hand payd by Thomas Prince Gent: Thomas Willett Gent: Miles Standish Gent: Josiah Winslow Gent: for and in the behalfe of themselves and divers others of the Inhabitants of Plymouth Jurisdiction whose names are hereafter specified with which said summe we the said Osamequin and Wamsetto doo acknowledge ourselves fully satisfied contented and payed Have freely and absolutely bargained and sold enfeoffed and confirmed and by thes presents doo Bargaine Sell Enfeoffe and Confirmed from us the said Osamequin and Wamsetto, and our and Every of our haiers unto Thomas Prince Thomas Willett Miles Standish, Josia Winslow Agents for themselves and William Bradford Senr Gent: Thomas Clark John Winslow Thomas Cushman, William White John Adams and Experience Mitchell to them and every of them, their and every of their haiers and assigns forever All those severall parcels and necks of upland Swamps and Meadows Lyeing and being on the South syde of Sinkhunch Els Rehoboth Bounds and is Bounded from a Little Brooke of water called by the Indians Mosskituash Westerly, and so ranging by a dead swamp Estward and so by market trees as Osamequin and Wamsetto directed unto the great river with all the meadow in and about ye sydes of both the branches of the great river, wth all the Creeks and Brookes that are in or upon any of the said meadows as also all the marsh meadows Lying and being wth out the Bounds before mentioned in or about the neck called by the Indians Chachacust Also all the meadows of any kind lyeing and being in or about Popasquash neck as also all the meadows lyeing from Kickomeut on both sides or any way joyning to it on the bay on each side To Have and to Hold all the aforesaid uplands swampe marshes, Creeks and Rivers with all their appurtenances unto the aforesaid Thomas Prince Thomas Willett Miles Standish Josia Winslow and the rest of the Partners aforesaid  to them and every of them, their and every of their haires executors and assignes forever And the said Osamequin and Wamsetto his sone covenant promise and grant, that whensoever the Indians shall remove from the neck that then and from thenceforth the aforesaid Thomas Prince Thomas Willett Miles Standish Josiah Winslow shall enter upon the same by the same agreement as their Proper Right And interest to them and their heirs forever
              To and for the true performance of all and every one of the aforesaid severall Perticulars wee the said Osamequin and Wamsetto Bind us and every of us and every of our heirs, Executors Administrators and assignes firmely by these presents
              In Witness whereof wee have hereunto sett our hands and seales this twentieth day of March Anno Domini 1653
Signed sealed and
Delivered in ye presence of us                                                                               The mark 3 of
                                                                                                                                      Osamequin & a seale
John Browne
James Browne                                                                                                            Wamsetto M & Seale
Richard Garrett


The transcription of this deed was made from a copy included in Thomas Bicknell's Sowams: with ancient records of Sowams and parts adjacent (1908), pgs. 36-7.